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4150 ASI / 310M Relay Point DA with CRC Support

  • CRC and Checksum insertion and integrity testing for ASI and 310M transmission paths
  • CRC history forwarding to next hop on the transmission path
  • Stream monitor alarms via TCP-IP, SNMP, RS-232 and GPI
  • Remote control and monitoring

The 4150 module is for use in ASI and 310M broadcast and transmission applications and provides CRC insertion for checking data path integrity.

A CRC and Data Checksum packet can be seamlessly inserted into the stream by the 4150 to provide data path integrity testing at downstream points. Monitoring of these special packets can be performed by a second 4150 or an Avenue 4500 MPEG Processor or by one of the Avenue ASI/310M Protection Switches. Data integrity history is carried forward through the system to facilitate fault finding. These CRC packets provide an unequivocal test of data integrity on a transmission link by transmission link basis.

This is easier, more accurate, and less expensive than using a complex MPEG analysis tool to troubleshoot a data path problem.

The 4150 is often used in system that includes one or more Avenue 4500 MPEG Transport Stream Processor modules or an Avenue ASI/310M Protection Switch such as the 4445, 4450, 4455, or 7455.

Controls are easily accessed through an Avenue Control Panel, Avenue PC, GPIs, or front edge module controls. Alarms can be generated via SNMP, Avenue PC, and contact closure outputs.