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5100 Digital Video DA

  • Eight serial digital outputs
  • Automatic input equalization
  • EQ warning circuit
  • Supports 143, 177, 270, 360 and 540 Mb/s
  • Local and remote control of module settings
  • Passes embedded audio
5100front 5100rear

The 5100 module is a digital distribution amplifier with automatic input equalization. Eight outputs are provided. This module can be used for signal distribution where reclocking is not required.

The 5100 can be used to distribute any of the following data rates: 143 Mb/s, 177 Mb/s, 270 Mb/s, 360 Mb/s and 540 Mb/s. Up to 300 meters of cable can be equalized for the three lower data rates and 200 meters for the 360 Mb/s rate.

Signal status and cable length can be monitored and controlled via Avenue Control panels and with the Avenue PC Control Application.