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6020 Four Channel 24-bit Audio DAC

  • Two AES3id inputs
  • Four balanced low impedance analog outputs
  • Gain trims on all four analog outputs
  • Operates with any sample rate from 30 to 50 kHz
  • Detection and indication of input signal errors
  • Detection and indication of input signals with the emphasis flag set
  • 24 bit processing
  • Local or remote control of all module settings
6020front 6020rear

The 6020 module converts two AES digital audio streams to four channels of analog audio. Digital to analog conversion is performed with 24 bit precision for outstanding sonic performance. Use the 6020 to input digital audio signals to your existing analog VTRs or for any other application where digital audio signals must be fed to equipment with analog inputs. Like all modules in the Avenue series, the 6020 may be controlled either locally or remotely. Alternately, consider using the 5230/6230 and 8500 series.

Two AES inputs are provided on BNC connectors. Four low impedance balanced analog outputs are provided on a high density 15-pin D connector. Two LED indicators are provided on the front of the module to indicate the presence of a valid AES input signal. Two additional LEDs indicate whether the emphasis flag is set on either of the digital inputs. If the emphasis flag is set, de-emphasis is automatically applied. A rotary control is provided to set the level of the analog outputs. All local controls and status indicators are available via the Avenue remote control system.