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Audio Embedders

“The Avenue 7600 audio embedder modules are easy to configure and that’s half the battle,” said Colin Smith, “We use the 7600 because it’s reasonably inexpensive and very flexible.” – Colin Smith, Senior Engineer at MPC

When you need to multiplex multiple audio channels or to move your Dolby E from group 3 to group 1,look to the audio processing modules in the Avenue line.

Here are some highlights –

The 7660 module is an eight-channel audio embedder or disembedder, (multiplexer or demultiplexer) for 1.5 high definition or 270 Mb/s standard definition signals. Four AES ports automatically configure as inputs or outputs depending on if the module is configured as an audio embedder or audio de embedder. Additionally, analog audio is supported.

Dolby and AC-3

The 7660 can be fitted with Dolby E encoding and decoding options. The 7615 decoding option can be fed from either an AES input or an AES stream disembedded from the incoming SDI signal. The resulting discrete surround signals are then selectable as inputs to the sixteen channel mixer/shuffler.

The 7630 Dolby E encoder is fed from selected outputs of the sixteen channel mixer/shuffler. The resulting encoded bitstream is available as an AES digital audio output and is embedded into the SDI output signal.

Additionally, the 7660 fully supports embedding and disembedding of encoded multi-channel bitstreams such as AC-3 and Dolby E.

LevelTrack™ AGC Option

The 9670 LevelTrack™ Audio Automatic Gain Control software key can be added as an option. This option provides control for keeping audio levels consistent in program material.


The 7660 can be configured locally or controlled and configured remotely with Avenue Touch Screens, Express Panels, or Avenue PC Software. Alarm generation, configurable user levels, module lockout, and customizable menus are just some of the tools included in the Avenue control system.

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