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Up/Down/Cross Converters


Your transition to HD is made easy with video converters from Ensemble Designs. Exceptionally clean Upconverters, Downconverters, or Crossconverters are made possible through our proprietary scaling and filtering which gives you the best possible video quality, suitable for the most demanding applications.

Here are some highlights –

The Avenue 9950 is a frame synchronizer and an up, down and cross converter that supports 3 Gb/s, HD and SD SDI signals. Excellent for on-air use, the 9950 is equally at home in a 3G island, in an HD signal ingest installation, or in a production application. Embedded audio will have automatic delay compensation, dutifully retaining lip sync.

The Avenue 7900 is a flexible, configurable Up and Downconverter for use in broadcast and post. It can process SD (Standard Definition) signals into HD, downconvert HD signals into standard definition, and perform Format and Aspect Ratio Conversion on both SD and HD signals. The Avenue 7900 and one of the optional audio sub modules together only occupy one slot in an Avenue frame – now that’s efficient use of space.

The Avenue 7900 can be configured to continually output your facility’s preferred HD format. Just connect any HD or SD signal to the input and the Avenue 7900 will convert it to the appropriate format for output. And, if the 8415 audio option is installed, the audio will have automatic delay compensation.

BrightEye 90 is a compact versatile up/down/cross converter or aspect ratio converter for use with analog and digital video signals. Simply set the BrightEye 90 to output your facility’s preferred HD or SD standard. The BrightEye 90 will accommodate whatever input you connect – analog composite, SD SDI or HD SDI. After setting the output standard, BrightEye 90 automatically converts the selected input to the correct standard for your facility. BrightEye 90 will upconvert, downconvert, cross convert, or act as an ARC, as needed. The built-in Frame Synchronizer allows you to feed asynchronous signals to the BrightEye 90. An external reference input allows genlock to a house reference. All vertical interval data and closed captioning is faithfully passed.

Below is a comparison chart of all Ensemble Designs up/down/cross/aspect converters.

Ensemble Designs,      BrightEye 90 HD Up/Down Cross Converter and ARC with AES Audio     BrightEye 90-A HD Up/Down Cross Converter and ARC with Analog Audio     BrightEye 90-F HD Up/Down Cross Converter and ARC with AES Audio and Optical Output     Brigh